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Wi-Fi EAS Pedestal Antennas  

Wi-Fi Premier & Premier Pro Guard

Premier Guard is WG’s line of EAS systems, designed to deliver both aesthetics and performance. It’s compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. It is unique and sleek looking, that works within any company culture. The Premier Line offers a selection of clear acrylic pedestal designs with three different color trims (White, Gray and Black). Pedestals are available in various sizes, depending on your detection requirements.






Wi-Fi Ad Guard & Ad Guard XL

Ad Guard is an effective detection system that is compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. Ad Guard’s sleek design not only provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offers the retailer an opportunity to increase sales through marketing. Ad Guard is designed to include space on both sides of the pedestal for advertising panels, which are easily adaptable, to meet current marketing promotions or company messages. 





Wi-Fi Door Guard

Distinctively designed for any decor, Wi-Fi Door Guard delivers functional/operational superiority over EAS pedestal systems. Wi-Fi Door Guard is available in gray, black and white and upon customer request, customizable with your company logo or any other visual requirements. As its name suggests Door Guard is attached to the door frame or glass store front.









Lane Guard

Lane Guard is our highly effective anti-shoplifting system designed to be installed at supermarket checkout lanes and store entrances. As with all of our systems it is compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. Lane Guard's functional, durable design, along with its bumper protection to avoid shopping cart damage makes it an industry leader. It's slim build has minimal impact on aisle space. Like the Ad Guard, each pedestal includes marketing space on both sides. 

  • Superior detection range

  • Wi-Fi technology 

  • Fully compatible with all AM tags and labels

  • Comes in various sizes, differing only in detection distance

  • Patented noise cancellation technology

  • Alarm volume control

  • Jammer detection

  • Optional remote external alarm

  • Custom graphics for Ad Guard can be inserted into both sides of pedestal

  • Connect to a DVR/NVR and record the event when the EAS alarm is activated