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Seal Tag 

Wardrobing is the fraudulent act of purchasing a garment online or at retail stores with the intent of wearing it at a social function and then returning it for a full refund.


According to a 2019 National Retail Federation report: “The annual hit on retailers’ bottom lines from return fraud is significant. According to Appriss, U.S. retailers’ annual losses from merchandise return fraud are estimated at $18.4 billion, and fraud and abuse combined are estimated at $24 billion.”

WG’s Seal Tag is the world's first comprehensive solution to the growing problem of wardrobing. This tag remains in high demand over several years by high-end retailers such as Bloomingdale’s and Unique Europe, including many online boutique retailers. Seal Tag is cost-effectively designed for large, medium and small retailers, instrumental in reducing return rates and the cost of writing off used merchandise.


The one-piece disposable Seal Tag is easily attached, typically along with a clearly recognizable informational card. It informs the customer that if you return the merchandise with a broken tag, a refund will not be approved. If the customer decides to keep the item, he or she can easily remove the tag without any tool.


Addition of the Seal Tag, along with your company's return policy, will significantly reduce fraudulent returns to your business. WG’s Seal tag dramatically reduces costs associated with managing returns, cost of merchandise cleaning, markdown of stocks, and repackaging.



Interested in learning more about wardrobing prevention with the Seal Tag? Fill out our contact form to receive free Seal Tag samples and further information about how we can help you eliminate wardrobing.

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