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One Piece 3 Alarm Smart Tag

The unique design of the WG One-Piece Smart Micro Shell Tag features an integrated pin that reduces the application process from two steps to one. This allows retailers to spend less time on in-store tagging and focus on sales. The integrated pin allows retailers to feel at ease when customers remove the tag at the self-checkout without any worries of danger to the customer being pricked by the pin. Our patented clam shape tag prevents the pin from being attacked.


One-Piece Smart Micro Shell Tag employs a  dual technology design that offers the retailer one of the most secure tags in the industry. Its sleek rounded edge and sloping design makes the tag tamper proof with unauthorized removal nearly impossible. It offers your choice of a 3 or 4 alarm 58 kHz or 8.2 MHz technology for maximum protection. Our One-Piece Smart Micro Shell Tag was created as a result of our popular Micro Shell Tag as well as customer feedback. WG responded and captured all the features of the Micro Shell Tag, in a one-piece solution. This ergonomically correct design makes our One-Piece Smart  Micro Shell one of the most effective, tamper-proof tags in the industry. The tag incorporates a ball clutch mechanism that is detached with a super lock magnetic detacher.


Reduces time and labor required to apply and remove tags when compared to traditional tags.


One-piece design helps eliminate the need to sort pins separately.


Speeds up the check-out process with easy tag removal at the point-of-sale.


The AM/RFID version is available upon request and offers protection at the item level.

One Piece Smart Tag Spec Sheet


Once the tag has been attacked an audible visual remote alarm activates & turns the DVR on to start recording.


WG’s audible/visual remote alarm sounds once an attempt or an attack has been made to the smart tag. 

This remote can detect an attack on a tag up to 100 ft away via WG's smart technology

Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge through WI-FI access. 


This allows the LP or AP departments to forensically investigate and track alarm activity with video by store, department and time of day.

Alarm Reports

Daily Alarm Log
Monthly Alarm Log
Yearly Alarm Log
Location, Time, Date and Department Alarm Log
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