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Grab N Run

Preventing the Grab and Run

Preventing Grab and Run shoplifting requires a slightly different approach to combatting individual incidents and traditional shoplifting thefts. In some cases, the Grab and Run is a simple crime of opportunity where items can easily be accessed from the entryway and make an ideal target for thieves.
In other cases, the Grab and Run is more organized, (ORC) with the mob of shoplifters having cased the store previously and knowing exactly the items they seek.


Either way the following strategy can assist when it comes to deterring the Grab and Run.
When combining the WG Grab N Run with our patented 4 Alarm Tags, gives retailers that added layer of security to combat the growing problem that is plaguing retail.


Made with high quality materials WG’s Grab N Run is made to last. The Grab N Run housing is made from aluminum, using steel brackets to hold the device firmly to the clothing rack. The high-quality steel cable modules sit separately in the housing allowing for a smooth pulling operation.

The Grab N Run system can also be mounted directly to a flat surface, for example a table or a wall using the accessory kit.

Available in Alarming or Non-Alarming Version.

Additional Cable Reels are available for purchase separately.

Grab N Run Spec Sheet

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