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AM labels provide the easiest form of merchandise protection. Applicable to nearly all types of merchandise, they are compatible with all of WG’s 58 kHz EAS systems and can be deactivated at the point-of-sale with a variety of deactivators. Very popular for securing non-garment items such as books, food packaging, boxes, jewelry and small electronics. 





Stealth Pad I & II

Stealth Pad is a compact label deactivator designed for minimal counter space. It is configured for tabletop operation but, can also be flush mounted to the countertop. It provides both audible and visual notification of deactivation. Stealth Pad provides up to 4"  deactivation distance and has optional password protection. Stealth Pad is an excellent product for both source and retailer tagged merchandise.





Fast Pad

Fast Pad provides human, machine interface for label deactivation and efficiency. It can be either tabletop or flush mounted to any countertop. Fast Pad provides up to 4" deactivation distance and password protection option.





Lynx is a distance label deactivator designed solely for flush mounting on the countertop. It scans and deactivates labels in all orientations. As a distance deactivator, the label need not come into direct contact with the deactivator; simply passing the product over Lynx, is all it takes! No buttons or lights means complete simplicity and ease of use for all employees. Lynx features up to 3.2"  deactivation range.









Double Checker

The Double Checker Deactivator is so named because of its two-step testing for complete label deactivation. One swipe deactivates the label, a second swipe tests to confirm deactivation. It also features a terrific vertical detection range of up to 6 inches. This powerful tool can also deactivate labels source tagged on the inside of product packages.




Deactivator External Alarms

Some store environments, can be a loud, and the point of sale check out busy and hectic places. If the built-in deactivation tone on your deactivator is not loud enough, this external alarm can be installed. Compact and discreet, it allows for adjustable volume control to suit your business setting.

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EAS Labels & Deactivators 

Stealth Pad II Cutout Template 11211401.

New WiFi Stealth Pad II 

Available now

Stealth Pad 

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Under Counter Mount Fast Pad with POS

Counter Sunk Fast Pad 

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New WiFi Stealth Pad II 

Vertical Mount

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