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Guard Line External Alarm

WG’s Guard Line external alarm is designed for environments where music or ambient noise makes it difficult for associates to hear EAS alarm activations. This external alarm provides flexible alarm modes, volume control, multiple tones, and even pre-recorded customer notification. It is compatible with all WG EAS detection systems and can be wall-mounted for further convenience.

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Smart Power Supply

WG’s exclusive Smart Power Supply, provides a power supply that carries unique features such as alarm volume control and a relay switch to terminate signal transmission with ease, which is very useful in detecting noise pollution. Designed for low voltage consumption, it is the most advanced pedestal power supply on the market today.

SPS 24.jfif

IR Smart Tag Audible/Visual Remote Alarm

WG’s Wi-Fi visual notification and audible alarm activates when Bandit Tags are attacked. Detect attacked tags from upto 100 feet away. Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge via Wi-Fi access. This allows the LP or AP departments to conduct forensic investigation and track alarms with video by store location, department and time of day.


Stainless Steel Bumper

Our antennas, in particular the Ad Guard models are built for retail environments and are enormously robust. In some areas of the retail store, particularly where shopping cart or pallets are used an added protection makes sense to avoid mechanical damage to the antennas.

Stainless Steel Bumper.jpg

Flush Mount External Alarm

This alarm console is typically installed with concealed WG EAS Systems such as Wi-Fi  Floor Guard or Wi-Fi Sky Guard Loop. It provides an additional audible alarm when the control box is installed inside the false ceiling or in side a cabinet The alarm volume can be remotely set and adjusted on the dedicated switchon the Smart Power Supply SPS

Flush Mount External Alarm.jpg


The Lanyard Loop and Pin makes it possible to attach security tags to a wider variety of merchandise where one is unable to insert a traditional pin.

Black Lanyard Single loop.jpg


The Double Loop wire makes it possible to attach security tags to a wider variety of merchandise, especially hard goods.

white double loop lanyard close up.jpg
What double loop Lanyard.jpg
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