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Bandit Tag for S3 Key

The Bandit  Smart Tag is specifically designed for advanced security of boxed merchandise and is easy for your employees to use. It boasts faster application and removal by an authorized detacher than any other EAS box tag, and can be equipped with up to four alarm levels to safeguard against theft or tampering.

Anti-Tamper Warning:  If the tag is pried from the packaging the tag detects the release of the anti-tamper plunger, it will begin to beep rapidly as a warning that the tag is about to alarm. If the tag is placed back on the packaging with the anti-tamper plunger facing down within the 10 beeps, the beep will stop, the tag is again armed and ready to secure the packaging.  If the tag has not been replaced to the packing within the 10 continuous beeps, the tag will alarm.Features:
Bandit Tag easily attaches to boxed merchandise. 


The WG Bandit  slide lever feature, when engaged activates the  smart tag. When the tag has been deactivated the lever will automatically unlock, allowing for an easy release. (One Handed Operation)


The plunger on the bottom of the tag detects when the tag is resting against the surface


The Bandit  smart tag can only be deactivated with an S3 Key.


Bandit full-size plunger with anti slip backing covers a greater surface area andholds the tag firmly in place.


Remote Alarm: Our Wi-Fi visual and audible alarm activates when the Bandit II tag alarms. Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge via

Wi-Fi access. This allows the LP or AP departments to conduct forensic investigationsand track alarms with video by store location, department and time of day. The Bandit is available in 58kHz and 8.2 kHz frequencies and can be deactivated with an S3 Key.

EAS Alarm: When tag is in armed status, any events causing tag to enter the EAS system’s field will trigger the tag to self-alarm as well as the system will alarm.

Removal of the Tag: The sales associate places the tagged merchandise on the IR Smart Detacher, its important to make sure the IR window on tag is aligned with IR transmitter window on the detacher. You will hear a beep from the tag (this indicates that the tag is deactivated), the locking lever will automatically switch to the unlocked position. The sales associate can now safely remove the tag from the package box.


Available with Active RFID chip set.


Measurements: Width: 1.377” / 34.97mmLength: 2.7” / 70mmThickness: 0.5” / 14.10mmBand Length S 4" / 101mm Expands to 8"/202mm Band Length L 10" / 254mm Expands to 20"/508mm

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