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CCTV and video monitoring have become an integral part of every Loss Prevention program today. The days of simply pointing a camera at a cash register or other sensitive areas has been replaced by the advanced video analytics, playback and internet remote access. At WG, we have partnered with several video experts to provide our customers with the most advanced video monitoring and recording technologies at competitive prices. From Digital Video Recorders to high-tech cameras, lenses, and management software, WG is your resource for all your video technology requirements.



WG has a wide array of cameras from which to choose. Whatever your business requirements are, we have the perfect video solution. Coming in all various formats (box, domed, etc.) and technologies (IP/network, etc.), our cameras can be integrated with any video management system and come with a variety of options.


  • Box cameras

  • Dome cameras

  • IR cameras

  • IP Cameras

  • Covert cameras

  • All weather

  • Wide dynamic and HD

  • Lens options 

  • Mega-pixel

  • Wall and bullet cameras

  • 360 degree view cameras

  •  PTZ

Camera Options

  • Converting analog to IP

  • Mounting options including pole, wall, and J-Box

  • Distances including line-of-site and point-to-point

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • AC or DC

Recording Devices and Monitors

WG provides recording devices capable of recording IP, analog and any combination of analog to IP cameras. Analog recording devices can feature from between four and up to 48 channels, with the most common units sporting 4ch, 8ch, and 16ch. IP devices have no assigned limit and are only dependent on storage space. Analog to IP systems carry a maximum of 48 channels and depends on number of licenses purchased. Some other features of our recording devices:


There are many analog replacement technologies out there. Most require a completely new system. But what if you could keep your analog cameras and have the ability to upgrade to HD? The Hybrid series allows you mix and match any combination of Analog & HD-SDI cameras. All BNC inputs can auto-detect Analog or HD-SDI signals, and there is no limit to the number of HD channels. Keep some of your existing cameras and maximize your HD upgrade potential with the Hybrid Series.

Keep Your Coax

HD Over Coax now represents a cost-effective solution for transmitting HD video without the complexity of IP. EX-SDI can reuse existing RG59 coax, eliminating the need to run new cable if an existing analog system is in place. Unlike IP, there is no extra training required, no complex networks to set up, and no bandwidth issues. All analog installers already know the fundamentals of installing a coax-based system. Get the same high-resolution benefit of an IP megapixel system but without the headache.

EX8-BKIT_update (1).png

Meet the Next Generation of PVM: The Connect PVM.

It’s both digital signage and an active theft deterrent seamlessly integrated into a single device.

Traditionally, Public View Monitors have been placed in high-value, high-visibility locations with the main focus on security. Now you can re-purpose that space by adding digital signage, without comprising the theft deterrent already in place.

It’s like having the keys to your very own broadcast network. From big-box stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, and independent retailers— marketers can now reach their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand at the point of decision.


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