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Wi-Fi Concealed Systems     "invisible system is visibly better"

WG’s concealed systems has superior performance and represents a major enhancement to 58 kHz EAS systems. This "variable loop" floor system will calculate the perimeter of an opening and calibrate the electronic settings for optimum tag detection.

Wi-Fi Floor Guard or 2A System

Wide luxurious entrances are welcoming to customers. Wi-Fi Floor Guard is a revolutionary floor based EAS system designed to be completely invisible with robust performance. The antennas are buried into the subfloor and multiple units can be installed from end to end, ensuring maximum detection range which makes it ideal for stores with wide exits. The system’s ultra-compact design allows for installations in multiple story businesses. Wi-Fi Floor Guard features an integrated sealed antenna structure, thus eliminating the need for extra antennas around the perimeter, making it a truly 100% invisible system. 





Wi-Fi Floor Guard Hybrid System

Many of our customers have progressive product protection needs or rigorous detection requirements, to meet those demands WG has developed the Wi-Fi Floor Guard Hybrid. A high performing system combining our Wi-Fi Floor Guard and Sky Guard Loop technology.






Wi-Fi Loop System









  • Optimum detection range

  • Active turbo antennas with improved noise reduction

  • Patented noise cancellation technology

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Electronics

  • Alarm volume control

  • Optional remote external alarm

  • Connect to a DVR/NVR and record the event when the EAS alarm is activated 




The Wi-Fi Loop offers theft protection, while maintaining the aesthetics your company is striving to achieve. Just as it was designed by your company culture. It is frictionless to the customer, because the Loop system is invisible and discreet. The complete Wi-Fi system technology can be fully integrated into the portal and the electronics hidden in the ceiling. Wi-Fi Loop is concealed but just as effective as visible systems but superior traditional pedestal EAS systems that have been proven to prevent theft. 

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