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Smart Bottle Tag


Premium Champagnes, Cognacs, Whiskeys, and exquisite wine blends are prime targets for theft. The more exclusive these products, the more appealing they become to shoplifters. Such high-end items demand a more robust and secure tagging solution than conventional labels or hard tags.
The 3 Alarm Bottle Tags. Equipped with a sensor, this innovative tag detects tampering or unauthorized removal. If the tag is interfered with or if a shoplifter attempts to remove it, the tag-alarm is triggered instantly.

The 3-Alarm Bottle Tag is compatible with a super Lock detacher for added convenience. Not only does it provide heightened security, but it is also reusable, making it a cost effective solution.

The IR4-Alarm Bottle Tag is compatible with a WG IR super Lock detacher for an extra layer of protection added. Not only does it provide heightened security, but it is also reusable, making it a cost-effective solution


Available in two sizes:
A larger size designed for Champagne.
A regular size suitable for wine and spirits.
















Bottle tag in regular (on the right) and large size (above),
Tag IR/O BT 58 BS
Tag IR/O BT 58 BS-L


Frequency:   58Khz — 8.2Mhz — RFID

Bottle Tag Large.jpg
Bottle Tag.jpg

WG’s audible/visual remote alarm sounds once an attempt or an attack has been made to the smart tag. 

This remote can detect an attack on a tag up to 100 ft away via WG's smart technology

Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge through WI-FI access. 


This allows the LP or AP departments to forensically investigate and track alarm activity with video by store, department and time of day.

Alarm Reports

Daily Alarm Log
Monthly Alarm Log
Yearly Alarm Log
Location, Time, Date and Department Alarm Log
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