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Hard Tag Recycling Solution: Profitable, Effective, Sustainable.

WG's hard tag recycle solution represents a new, refreshing way for retailers to sustain merchandise protection standards and reduce costs. It is a source tagging initiative that allows a retailer to enjoy the benefits of product protection without using capital to purchase tags or incurring the ongoing labor expense of in-store tagging. WG’s hard tag recycle solution also provides both eco-friendly benefits and enables retailers to strengthen their image as responsible corporate citizens. 


Benefits of Hard Tag Source Tagging​ are;


•      Tags are applied at the point of manufacture,

•      Merchandise arrives to the retailer floor-ready,

•      Labor costs associated with in-store tagging are eliminated.


With hard tag recycle, retailers can not only save significant money on in-store tagging labor costs; but can do their part to help the environment by reusing quality hard tags rather than using disposable hard tags. Start re-thinking your tagging process with WG’s Hard Tag Recycle Solution.

How it works: The Hard Tag Recycle method is as simple as it is effective

The merchandise manufacturer does not purchase tags; but leases them from WG and applies the tag at the source.

Tagged merchandise arrives at the retailer. After removal, the tags are sent back to WG for cleaning, sorting, testing, and inspection, before being sent back to the merchandise manufacture.




Green Tag Information (pdf)



Green Tag feature in LP Magazine Nov/Dec. 2010 (pdf)

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