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Anti-Sweep Protection


Anti Sweep Lock is an inexpensive way to keep your inventory from "walking out" of your store! It is the easiest anti-theft device for your employees to use and it reminds your staff to always refill product when running out. Once the limit is met for product in front of the stop lock, store personnel have to attend to the customer to release product behind the stop lock for purchase. The store personnel can then refill these hooks with product to always maintain the merchandising planogram.

Main material: plastic and metal
Color: Red
Inner hole size: 6mm


Suitable for diameter of hook from 4.5mm – 5.9mm. Compatible with single hook, double hook and hook with price tag.
Open with a magnetic detacher key(not included)


Applicable to: Digital stores, cell phone stores, book stores, pharmacies, auto accessories stores, shopping malls, exhibition places, branded chain stores, experience stores, image stores, flagship stores.

The product is widely seen in high-end stores and big malls to display lots of commodities like headphones, batteries, books, medicines, cosmetics, mold & die parts, bags and LED etc.

Anti Sweep Locks are designed to protect your displayed products on hooks. The “Anti Sweep Lock” tag makes your store more secure

Anti Sweep Lock Dimension: 6mm

EASY TO INSTALL: No tools are required to install the peg hook locks . It is easy to use ,good quality and durable.

The security peg hook lock is unlocked by the magnetic removal tool (see below)

Package include:100 Pcs Anti Sweep Lock in box to secure your merchandise and increase customers experience.













Spiral Anti-Sweep Protection



Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook (Standard Merchandise) offers a self-serve time delay function that prevents sweeping while giving customers full access to merchandise. It benefits both, store associates by allowing rapid loading of merchandise, and consumers by not having to track down employees to unlock merchandise. Is  Ideal for Drug and Pharmacy, Mass Merchant and Hypermarket, and Grocery type of retail stores.

• Provide more merchandising flexibility than common cabinet dispensers
• Protective Shroud Standard on all Helix products, the durable shroud protects the top of retail merchandise
• Simple Operation Universal “knob” design provides simple instructions in a global communication style
• Rapid Load provides operational efficiency by allowing store associates to load the dispenser quickly
• Time Delay, an average of 6 to 8 seconds dispense time creates the proper time balance for secured dispensing —the self-service functionality benefits consumers, retail management and store associates
• Secured Base, captured by the Helix wire and the protective shroud, the base cap then secures the assembly to the wallboard
• Secured System, the gear housing is locked to the horizontal wire form with our patented magnetic locking system. The Helix can only be removed from the wallboard using our proprietary OM Key
• Distance Between Helix Wires:  35mm (1.4in) 20mm (0.8in) 15mm (0.6 in)
• Hook length:  305mm /12'' 
• Wall tape: American pegboard ,Material: ABS + stainless steel
• Noise alert feature ,  Interchangeable Coils ,  Signage can be either bottom or top


  • Provides a secure solution for high-theft pegged merchandise, while maintaining product availability for self-serve to the customer

  • Each knob turn draws product forward, releases a single package and alerts store personnel when multiple products are being dispensed

  • Eliminates sweeping through integrated dispensing coil

  • Deters Shoplifting

  • Mechanical audible alert

  • Prevents cutting of hang tab through integrated enclosure 

  • Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook does not require assistance from store associate 

  • Works great for: batteries, printer ink, razor blade cartridges, razor handles, health and beauty, and more

  • Patented


Product Size

2.50"H x 2.25"W x 12.00"D  (more sizes available)


Distance Between Helix Wires




If you wish to protect valuable inventory without high cost security measures, turn to Merchandising’s Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook. This hook provides a secure solution for high-theft pegged products while maintaining product availability for self-serve to the customer. Each knob turn draws product forward and releases a single package. Its intuitive design alerts store personnel when multiple products are being dispensed at once. 



Security  Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook



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