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GPS Tracking Innovative Anti-Sweep Tag Revolutionizes Asset Security and Tracking with Integrated EAS-RFID-GPS Technologies, Eliminating Monthly Subscriptions and Battery Recharging.

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Coming July 2024

The integrated anti-sweep tag addresses the critical aspect of battery optimization for long-lasting performance. By seamlessly integrating EAS or RFID and GPS technologies, this invention combines theft detection and precise location tracking capabilities while prioritizing power efficiency. The trigger activation mechanism ensures that the tag's GPS functionality is automatically activated when passing through an EAS system.


The tag's battery remains in sleep mode until the trigger signal is generated upon entering the EAS - RFID surveillance zone. The trigger activates the GPS module, establishing a connection and initiating the transmission of accurate location data. By optimizing battery usage, the tag ensures extended operational life without compromising performance.


The integration of EAS - RFID - GPS technologies enhance overall asset security and tracking capabilities. While the EAS system acts as a deterrent and identifies potential theft attempts, the GPS functionality augments recovery efforts. In the event of an EAS alarm trigger, the GPS component facilitates real-time tracking, allowing security personnel to swiftly locate stolen items and take appropriate action.


The combined anti-sweep tag, with its EAS- RFID-GPS integration and battery optimization, offers diverse applications across various industries. Retailers can protect merchandise from theft while maximizing the tag's battery life for prolonged usage. Efficient real-time monitoring and rapid response to theft incidents ensure effective asset recovery. Furthermore, logistics companies can enhance supply chain security by closely tracking asset movements while conserving battery power. The integration is also beneficial in high-security environments where continuous monitoring and optimized battery life are vital.


In conclusion, this patented anti-sweep tag, combining EAS-RFID and GPS technologies with trigger activation and battery optimization, represents a significant advancement in asset security and tracking. By seamlessly activating the GPS functionality upon passage through an EAS-RFID system, this innovative solution ensures efficient power consumption and real-time tracking capabilities. The integration holds immense potential in retail, logistics, and high-security environments, empowering businesses to safeguard assets effectively while preserving battery life for extended operations.

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