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Hard Tag & IR Detachers Available in Standard, Super and Hyper Lock

Multi Detacher

The Smart Multi Detacher is a uniquely designed detacher to remove most all super lock & standard lock ball-clutch mechanisms hard tags and S3 Products 

2015-04-24 16.58.26.jpg
2015-04-26 15.19.50.jpg

Slip Ring Superlock Detacher

WG’s Slip Ring Super Lock Detacher is Our most popular detacher. The magnet releases all super lock ball-clutch mechanisms and is compatible with virtually all WG tags. It can be secured to any countertop surface or be flush mounted for greater security.









Volcano Detacher

The Volcano Detacher presents an affordable option for retailers. Its solid metallic silver design is an aesthetic upgrade to other magnetic detachers. The Volcano releases all super lock tags and can rest on your countertop. For greater security it can be securely mounted almost anywhere.  





Mobile Super Lock Detacher

The metallic look of the the Mobile Super Lock Detacher provides both a professional look and a sturdy detacher. This detacher can hand held and is ideal for opening all eyewear tags, pencil tags. 




Volcano 2.jpg
Mobile Superlock Detacher.jpg
Slip Ring Detacher
Detaher with Lanyard.jpg
Universal 2.jpg
counter sunk IR detacher and tag.jpg
wave ir desk top detacher.jpg
IR Multi Detacher.jpg

The IR Smart Detacher is also a deactivator

The IR Smart Detacher is a uniquely designed detacher for the patented WG four-alarm tagging options, which makes our Infra Red (IR) smart tags the most effective product protection tool on the market. WG’s Smart detacher technology emits a unique coded IR signal that disarms the smart tag. It also contains a supper lock magnet that detaches the tag in one easy motion, any attempt to use any other detacher or magnetic material to detach the IR Smart Tag will trigger an alarm activation. 


The IR Smart Detacher can also detach any other hard tag.  Available in a  desktop, countertop, flush-mounted or handheld multi-functional version.

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