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  • EAS Pedistal Systems | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Wi-Fi Pedestal Systems Wi-Fi Premier & Premier Pro Guard Premier Guard is WG’s line of EAS systems, designed to deliver both aesthetics and performance. It’s compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. It is unique and sleek looking, that works within any company culture. The Premier Line offers a selection of clear acrylic pedestal designs with three different color trims (White, Gray and Black). Pedestals are available in various sizes, depending on your detection requirements. ​ Wi-Fi Ad Guard & Ad Guard XL Ad Guard is an effective detection system that is compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. Ad Guard’s sleek design not only provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offers the retailer an opportunity to increase sales through marketing. Ad Guard is designed to include space on both sides of the pedestal for advertising panels, which are easily adaptable, to meet current marketing promotions or company messages. Wi-Fi Door Guard Distinctively designed for any decor, Wi-Fi Door Guard delivers functional/operational superiority over EAS pedestal systems. Wi-Fi Door Guard is available in gray, black and white and upon customer request, customizable with your company logo or any other visual requirements. As its name suggests Door Guard is attached to the door frame or glass store front. ​ Lane Guard Lane Guard is our highly effective anti-shoplifting system designed to be installed at supermarket checkout lanes and store entrances. As with all of our systems it is compatible with all 58 kHz tags, AM tags and labels. Lane Guard's functional, durable design, along with its bumper protection to avoid shopping cart damage makes it an industry leader. It's slim build has minimal impact on aisle space. Like the Ad Guard, each pedestal includes marketing space on both sides. ​ Features Superior detection range Wi-Fi technology Fully compatible with all AM tags and labels Comes in various sizes, differing only in detection distance Patented noise cancellation technology Alarm volume control Jammer detection Optional remote external alarm Custom graphics for Ad Guard can be inserted into both sides of pedestal Connect to a DVR/NVR and record the event when the EAS alarm is activated ​

  • EAS Deactivators and labels | WG Security Products, Inc Web Site

    Labels Triple resonator labels provide the easiest form of merchandise protection. Applicable to nearly all types of merchandise, they are compatible with all of WG’s 58 kHz EAS systems and can be deactivated at the point-of-sale with a variety of deactivators. Very popular for securing non-garment items such as books food packaging, boxes, jewelry and small electronics. ​ Stealth Pad 1 & II Stealth Pad is a compact label deactivator designed for minimal counter space. It is configured for tabletop operation but, can also be flush mounted to the countertop. It provides both audible and visual notification of deactivation. Stealth Pad provides up to 4" deactivation distance and has optional password protection. Stealth Pad is an excellent product for both source and retailer tagged merchandise. ​ ​ ​ Fast Pad Fast Pad provides human, machine interface for label deactivation and efficiency. It can be either tabletop or flush mounted to any countertop. Fast Pad provides up to 4" deactivation distance and password protection option. ​ ​ ​ Lynx Lynx is a distance label deactivator designed solely for flush mounting on the countertop. It scans and deactivates labels in all orientations. As a distance deactivator, the label need not come into direct contact with the deactivator; simply passing the product over Lynx, is all it takes! No buttons or lights means complete simplicity and ease of use for all employees. Lynx features up to 3.2" deactivation range. ​ ​ Double Checker The Double Checker Deactivator is so named because of its two-step testing for complete label deactivation. One swipe deactivates the label, a second swipe tests to confirm deactivation. It also features a terrific vertical detection range of up to 6 inches. This powerful tool can also deactivate labels source tagged on the inside of product packages. ​ ​ ​ Deactivator External Alarms Some store environments, can be a loud, and the point of sale check out busy and hectic places. If the built-in deactivation tone on your deactivator is not loud enough, this external alarm can be installed. Compact and discreet, it allows for adjustable volume control to suit your business setting. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ EAS Labels & Deactivators Wi-Fi Stealth Pad II Stealth Pad

  • Smart Tags | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Smart Tags Click on Smart Tags to view videos Self-Alarming Tag Overview WG's Patented IR 4 Alarm Smart Tags Self alarming tags have been in the marketplace for years, WG took the technology to the next level with the development of Infrared (IR) Smart Tags. The company that invented and patented the 4-alarm infrared protected tags and detachers. IR Smart Tags are the benchmark for superior product protection for any merchandise category. WG’s selection of Smart Tags provides multiple layers of protection for any retail format. WG has a solution for merchandise such as luggage and women's handbags where the pin and tag mechanism isn’t viable solution. WG’s Lanyard Tags is the answer. Lanyards can be customized in length and are immediately available in lengths from 4 to 80 inches. 3 Alarm Smart Tags The standard self-alarming tags are available in various styles, that range from our Pebble, Pencil and to the Cicada design. These tags are ideal for high-end clothing and other merchandise where a pin and tag provide effective protection. IR 4 Alarm Smart Tags WG's IR-based technology tags are the industry’s only true 4 alarm smart tag, they are tamper proof and visually acceptable in the most demanding culture. They are available in both 58kHz and 8.2 RF frequencies. IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Smart Tags for Sporting Goods WG has developed specific tags for sporting goods such as baseball bats, golf clubs, and fishing rods. IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Bandit II Smart Tag WG’s Bandit Tag was developed for everything from beauty, fragrances and electronic equipment to home appliances and will, in the future, provide protection levels not experienced before. ​ IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Ninja Plus Tag WG’s wireless, cable-less Ninja Plus Tag provides multi-alarm capability for any boxed merchandise. The Ninja Tag is easy to use and comes with up to four alarm levels, revolutionizing box security. Smart Tags Play Video Play Video 01:22 Benefit of using 4 alarm IR with Remote Alarm Play Video Play Video 02:06 IR Smart Tag Play Video Play Video 00:40 Ninja Plus with Remote Alarm Play Video Play Video 01:03 IR Smart Tag Cartoon Play Video Play Video 02:29 Bandit II Presentation Play Video Play Video 01:41 Floor Mat Play Video Play Video 01:10 IR Smart Tag Play Video Play Video 02:07 Secure Wrap Banding Machine

  • New IR Technology | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    New IR Technology IR Smart Bandit II Tag IR Smart Tag Our new slide lever feature once engaged activates the IR Bandit II Smart Tag. When the tag has been deactivated the slide will automatically open allowing for an easy release. (One Handed Operation) The new full-size plunger with anti-slip backing covers a greater surface area, this eliminates false alarms. The Bandit II IR Smart Tag or any WG IR Smart Tag can only be deactivated with a WG IR detacher or a WG handheld remote control, as a security feature the remote remains activated for a pre determined period of time. Once the tag has been attacked an audible visual remote alarm activates & turns your DVR on to start recording. WG’s audible/visual remote alarm sounds once an attempt or an attack has been made to the smart tag. ​ This remote can detect an attack on a tag up to 40 ft away via WG's smart technology ​ Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge through WI-FI access. This allows the LP or AP departments to forensically investigate and track alarm activity with video by store, department and time of day. IR Smart Detachers The IR Smart Detacher plays a vital role in the IR Technology. Without this uniquely designed detacher the fourth alarm setting, which makes our IR smart tags the powerful protection tool they are, would be negated. The IR Smart Detacher is also a deactivator. Smart electronics surrounding the magnet emit a coded IR signal that disarms the smart tag upon detachment. Now the tag can be removed without self-alarming. Any attempt to use any other detacher or magnetic material to remove the IR Smart device will result in a self-alarming. The IR Smart Detacher can also detach any other hard tag. It is available in a desktop, a handheld multi-functional, or flush mounted version which can be installed into your cash wrap.

  • Accessories | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Guard Line External Alarm WG’s Guard Line external alarm is designed for environments where music or ambient noise makes it difficult for associates to hear EAS alarm activations. This external alarm provides flexible alarm modes, volume control, multiple tones, and even pre-recorded customer notification. It is compatible with all WG EAS detection systems and can be wall-mounted for further convenience. Smart Power Supply WG’s exclusive Smart Power Supply, provides a power supply that carries unique features such as alarm volume control and a relay switch to terminate signal transmission with ease, which is very useful in detecting noise pollution. Designed for low voltage consumption, it is the most advanced pedestal power supply on the market today. IR Smart Tag Audible/Visual Remote Alarm WG’s Wi-Fi visual notification and audible alarm activates when Bandit II tags alarm. Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge via Wi-Fi access. This allows the LP or AP departments to conduct forensic investigation and track alarms with video by store location, department and time of day. Stainless Steel Bumper Our antennas, in particular the Ad Guard models are built for retail environments and are enormously robust. In some areas of the retail store, particularly where shopping cart or pallets are used an added protection makes sense to avoid mechanical damage to the antennas. Flush Mount External Alarm This alarm console is typically installed with concealed WG EAS Systems such as Wi-Fi Floor Guard or Wi-Fi Sky Guard Loop. It provides an additional audible alarm when the control box is installed inside the false ceiling or in side a cabinet The alarm volume can be remotely set and adjusted on the dedicated switchon the Smart Power Supply SPS LANYARD LOOP AND PIN The Lanyard Loop and Pin makes it possible to attach security tags to a wider variety of merchandise where one is unable to insert a traditional pin. LANYARD – DOUBLE LOOP The Double Loop wire makes it possible to attach security tags to a wider variety of merchandise, especially hard goods.

  • EAS Hard Tags | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Hard Tags AM Tag Technology: It's Simply Better WG's pioneering development of ferrite circuits that are embedded into EAS tags revolutionized 58kHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology. The Ferrite ensures a higher detection rate for our tags which has become an industry standard in virtually all 58 kHz tags today. Our commitment to AM technology is demonstrated in the wide array of tags we offer to meet any product protection challenge. For the merchandise that requires protection, we have just the tag for it. Our tags use the well established ball clutch mechanism to secure pin to tag which makes an unauthorized removal of the tag extremely difficult. Shell tags are the most popular tags developed by WG. The patented shell design makes for a virtually impenetrable EAS tag. Our specialty tags are specifically made to secure fashion merchandise which can have high shrink rates as well as all Sporting Goods equipment. WG’s Protection with Class Collection adds flair to the typical EAS tag with an elegant look for the discerning retailer with high end merchandise concepts. Teardrop ​ The “Teardrop" is the "founding member" of our Protection with Class Collection. It brings a degree of sophistication to merchandise protection previously unmatched in appeal and effectiveness. Never before, had a tag been designed not only to provide superior protection, but to blend in as if it were part of the garment itself. Available in three shades: burgundy, pearl, and midnight, the Teardrop is simply the most elegant hard tag in the industry today. Its patented oval and shelled construction makes unauthorized removal nearly impossible. The Teardrop is every bit as fierce as it is attractive. Perfect for lingerie, delicate fabrics, high end apparel and petite garments. 1/4 Shell Tags ​ Shell Tags employ a dual technology design that offers the retailer one of the most secure tags in the industry. Its sleek rounded edge and sloping design makes the tag tamper proof with unauthorized removal nearly impossible. It offers your choice of 58 kHz or 8.2 MHz technology for maximum protection. It is available in standard without ink or with ink, containing three glass ink filled ampoules when benefit denial is part of your shortage reduction strategy. Our Micro Shell Tag was created as a result of customer feedback. WG responded and captured all of the features of the full-size Shell Tag, but with a smaller footprint for more delicate merchandise. This ergonomically correct design makes Micro Shell one of the most effective, tamper-proof tags in the industry. The Micro Shell Tag with Ink is designed to provide added anti-theft measures by incorporating benefit denial. Tampering with the tag will cause the ink reservoir to break, permanently staining the article. The tag incorporates a ball clutch mechanism that is detached with a standard super lock magnetic detacher. Both versions are available in 58 kHz and 8.2MHz. WG’s Nano Shell Tag provides discretion when a company’s culture and visual standards require it. It is designed to be the smallest possible shell designed tag, capturing all of the tamperproof features of the other shell tags, the Nano Tag is compact and unmatched. For retailers who would rather not have an EAS tag detract from the customer's experience, this is the perfect solution. Available in 58 kHz and 8.2 MHz Micro Shell Ink Tag Micro Shell Ink Tag Shell Tag Micro Shell Ink Tag 1/15 SuperSensor Tags ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ WG's Patented Dual lock SuperSensor and Micro Supersensor Tag is extremely lightweight with optimal detection. SuperSensor uses a larger ferrite rod allowing it to achieve an extra two feet of detection range with any 58 kHz system. The SuperSensor is compatible with all Super Tag detachers and magnetic releasers. Available in black or gray. For smaller items, such as infant and toddler clothing, we provide the patented dual lock Mini SuperSensor, which combines all the benefits of the SuperSensor into a smaller tag. Compatibility with Super Tag detachers and magnetic releasers. ​ Pencil Tags ​ ​ ​ Versatile, Compact, Effective. These three words best describe WG’s Pencil Tags. Adaptable to nearly every style and type of garment, the Pencil Tag is simple to apply and remove. A super locking mechanism within the tag requires a strong magnetic detacher to remove, making conventional shoplifting methods difficult. Pencil Tags come in three sizes to suit your merchandise: Micro, Mid, and Super. A selection of three colors (black, white, and gray) increases the Pencil Tag's versatility. Available in 58 kHz AM technology. 1/9 1/3 Lock-it Tag WG has raised the bar on aesthetics and security yet again with the release of the Lock-it Tag. The Lock-it tag is designed to resemble a fashionable accessory rather than an EAS tag. It is composed of superior polycarbonate plastic and a metal shackle to securely lock around high-end merchandise such as luggage, handbags, jewelry and other items incapable of being secured with a traditional pin-supported tag. The Lock-it operates on the 58kHz AM frequency and contains a super locking mechanism and ferrite technology for extra security and effectiveness. Currently available in midnight and pearl colors, but also burgundy by request. Unlike its Protection with Class equals, The Lock-it' tag’s generous housing allows it to be adapted to support self-alarming technology for the retailer with extra security needs.

  • IR Bandit II Smart Tag | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Bandit II IR Technology Click on Bandit II IR Technology to view videos LPRC Research Report Elevating Box Protection. Interview and trial results of Bandit IR Smart Tag ​ 01 / FAST & EASY 02 / SECURE The WG Bandit II’s slide lever feature, when engaged activates the IR smart tag. When the tag has been deactivated the slide will automatically unlock, allowing for an easy release. (One Handed Operation) ​ The Bandit II IR smart tag can only be deactivated with the patented WG IR detacher or a WG handheld remote control. The remote control has a security feature that allows the remote to remain activated for a pre-determined period of time. Bandit II’s full-size plunger with anti slip backing covers a greater surface area and holds the tag firmly in place. 03 / SMART Our Wi-Fi visual and audible alarm activates when the Bandit II tag alarms. Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge via Wi-Fi access. This allows the LP or AP departments to conduct forensic investigations and track alarms with video by store location, department and time of day. The Bandit II is available in 58kHz and 8.2 kHz frequencies and can be deactivated with IR or super lock detachers. ​ Technology: A.M or R.F Detachers: Smart IR Detacher, Standard-lock or Super-lock Detachers ​ For purchasing please contact WG Security Products, Inc 591 W Hamilton Ave Suite 260 Campbell, CA 95008 Tel: 408 241 8000 ​ ​ Bandit II 3 Alarm with remote access to the data management cloud service along with DVR Recording How to apply Bandit II 3 Alarm with Base Bandit II Presentation Bandit with Alarm 3 Alarm with Audible/Visual Alarm

  • Seal Tag / B Tag | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Seal Tag Wardrobing is the fraudulent act of purchasing a garment online or at retail stores with the intent of wearing it at a social function and then returning it for a full refund. According to a 2019 National Retail Federation report: “The annual hit on retailers’ bottom lines from return fraud is significant. According to Appriss, U.S. retailers’ annual losses from merchandise return fraud are estimated at $18.4 billion, and fraud and abuse combined are estimated at $24 billion.” ​ WG’s Seal Tag is the world's first comprehensive solution to the growing problem of wardrobing. This tag remains in high demand over several years by high-end retailers such as Bloomingdale’s and Unique Europe , including many online boutique retailers . Seal Tag is cost-effectively designed for large, medium and small retailers, instrumental in reducing return rates and the cost of writing off used merchandise. The one-piece disposable Seal Tag is easily attached, typically along with a clearly recognizable informational card. It informs the customer that if you return the merchandise with a broken tag, a refund will not be approved. If the customer decides to keep the item, he or she can easily remove the tag without any tool. Addition of the Seal Tag, along with your company's return policy, will significantly reduce fraudulent returns to your business. WG’s Seal tag dramatically reduces costs associated with managing returns, cost of merchandise cleaning, markdown of stocks, and repackaging. s and further information about how we can help Interested in learning more about wardrobing prevention with the Seal Tag? Fill out our contact form to receive free Seal Tag sample you eliminate wardrobing. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Sentinel Smart System | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Sentinel Technology WG’s Sentinel protection technology, is the most robust product protection and inventory tracking system on the market today without the use of pedestals. Sentinel is designed to manage all protected merchandise within a specified area. Using WG’s sophisticated technology Sentinel tags communicate with overhead readers, protected products can move freely within the detection range. The Sentinel system will alarm only if the tags are tampered with, illicitly removed, or if the tags exit the protected area. Sentinel works as a discreet stand-alone system or can work in conjunction with your current EAS system as an added level of protective. Sentinel comes with software that monitors each tag individually. This allows for stockroom, dressing room and other sensitive areas to be monitored. Sentinel can prevent any type of merchandise from leaving the area of protection, the possibilities are endless. Sentinel Components A critical component of the Sentinel system are the readers, or RADs (Radiate and Detect). All RADs communicate wirelessly, making installation extremely simple. The RADs are placed throughout the store's ceiling to create a large zone of protection to ensure free product movement within the protected area without false alarms. There are three types of RADs, each perform a vital function for the system to work: The RFID RAD, which constantly searches and communicates with each tag, the EAS RAD causes a tag to alarm if the tag is taken beyond the protected area and the POS RAD, deactivates a tag when the protected merchandise is purchased. Working together the Sentinel RADs provide an impressive level of effective protection. Field RAD These RADs radiate specific areas, emitting a signal from the ceiling in a 120 degree cone, which expands as it approaches the sales floor. A minimal amount of Field RADs can secure entire floors of products, or secure delicate or high-risk items within only a certain area of your store. This signal creates protection zones and searches for unauthorized tag presence. There is constant communication between tag and RAD. The system remains quiet as long as there is no disruption. Once signal disruption occurs, either by unauthorized detachment of the tag, tampering with the tag, or the tag leaving the area, the system will alarm. POS RAD At the point-of-sale, these RADs function as a deactivator and detacher; arming and disarming the Sentinel tags, allowing for authorized removal of the tag without causing alarms. Tags are armed by this device and then ready to be applied to merchandise on the sales floor. When the merchandise is purchased, it disarms the tag and allows for removal. EAS RAD The EAS RAD is installed at the exit of the store. This particular RAD is the alarming RAD, notifying store personnel when a tag is leaving the area. It also triggers the tag itself to self-alarm when it passes by the EAS RAD detection zone, ensuring complete security. Sentinel Tags ​ ​ The Sentinel Tags are sophisticated devices which perform multiple functions. Each tag is engineered to "listen" to signals emitted from the RADs. Constant communication between tag and RAD ensures the alarm remains silent. The tag is designed to self-alarm at any point of signal disruption, be it tampering, not being disarmed prior to removal from the merchandise, or removal from the protected zone. When tags enter into an alarm state, they will also notify the EAS RAD to audibly alarm. Since the tag is in constant communication, if it is removed accidentally from the protected zone, once it is brought back into the zone, alarming will cease since the signal is regained. Sentinel Tags come in lanyard form, but any size or shape tag can be made into a Sentinel Tag, depending on your store's needs. Watch Sentinel System in action! ​

  • Hard Tag Detachers | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Hard Tag & IR Detachers Available in Standard, Super and Hyper Lock Multi Detacher The Smart Multi Detacher is a uniquely designed detacher to remove most all super lock & standard lock ball-clutch mechanisms hard tags and S3 Products Slip Ring Superlock Detacher WG’s Slip Ring Super Lock Detacher is Our most popular detacher. The magnet releases all super lock ball-clutch mechanisms and is compatible with virtually all WG tags. It can be secured to any countertop surface or be flush mounted for greater security. Volcano Detacher The Volcano Detacher presents an affordable option for retailers. Its solid metallic silver design is an aesthetic upgrade to other magnetic detachers. The Volcano releases all super lock tags and can rest on your countertop. For greater security it can be securely mounted almost anywhere. ​ ​ ​ Mobile Super Lock Detacher The metallic look of the the Mobile Super Lock Detacher provides both a professional look and a sturdy detacher. This detacher can hand held and is ideal for opening all eyewear tags, pencil tags. ​ ​ The IR Smart Detacher is also a deactivator The IR Smart Detacher is a uniquely designed detacher for the patented WG four-alarm tagging options, which makes our Infra Red (IR) smart tags the most effective product protection tool on the market. WG’s Smart detacher technology emits a unique coded IR signal that disarms the smart tag. It also contains a supper lock magnet that detaches the tag in one easy motion, any attempt to use any other detacher or magnetic material to detach the IR Smart Tag will trigger an alarm activation. The IR Smart Detacher can also detach any other hard tag. Available in a desktop, countertop, flush-mounted or handheld multi-functional version.