Welcome back retail partners! The WG team hopes that you, your families, and fellow colleagues are well and have found your way through these challenging days. 

We all experienced three stages during the pandemic: response, transition, and transformation. 

Response - Immediate communication, organizational strategic planning for events not experienced in over 100 years and challenges to keeping teams safe and informed.

Transition - Essential colleagues operating to maintain changing  business models and In many cases performing new operational tasks.

Transformation - Returning to an adjusted normal that prioritizes worker safety, allows more remote work, reconfiguring workspaces, curbing business travel and diversifying supply chains.

While we were away from you we enhanced our Webpage, we improved some of our most effective profit protection tools, looked for and secured relationships with companies that can support your reopening efforts. All of these changes can be found at www.wgspi.com or by reaching out to us at 408 241 8000. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon. Your WG team.