From the development of the first ferrites in AM hard tags to our constant research into RFID as a loss prevention solution to state-of-the-art tracking systems, we are always pushing the envelope on what can be done with EAS. Our products have applications in institutions such as hospitals, correctional facilities, warehouses, and even senior living facilities. If you need asset protection, movement tracking or even people counting, WG has the answer for you.

Our innovation and outside-the-box thinking comes from all the minds at WG. Our team of software and hardware engineers are encouraged to promote ideas that fall outside the realm of typical loss prevention thinking.

Our devotion to technology has led to some of the most revolutionary EAS products in the entire industry. Wave is the pinnacle of smart tag technology. Sentinel rewrote the book on asset protection and tracking. And our WiFi-enabled EAS Systems make loss prevention easier than ever.

These are just some of the exciting products WG offers. Stay tuned though--he next big thing will be here soon...