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Self-Alarming Tag Overview

WG's Patented IR 4 Alarm Smart Tags
Self alarming tags have been in the marketplace for years, WG took the technology to the next level with the development of Infrared (IR) Smart Tags. The company that invented and patented the 4-alarm infrared protected tags and detachers. IR Smart Tags are the benchmark for superior product protection for any merchandise category. WG’s selection of Smart Tags provides multiple layers of protection for any retail format. WG has a solution for merchandise such as luggage and women's handbags where the pin and tag mechanism isn’t viable solution. WG’s Lanyard Tags is the answer. Lanyards can be customized in length and are immediately available in lengths from 4 to 80 inches. 

3 Alarm Smart Tags






The standard self-alarming tags are available in various styles, that range from our Pebble, Pencil and to the Cicada design. These tags are ideal for high-end clothing and other merchandise where a pin and tag provide effective protection.


IR 4 Alarm Smart Tags



WG's IR-based technology tags are the industry’s only true 4 alarm smart tag, they are tamper proof and visually acceptable in the most demanding culture. They are available in both 58kHz and 8.2 RF frequencies.


IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Smart Tags for Sporting Goods






WG has developed specific tags for sporting goods such as baseball bats, golf clubs, and fishing rods.


IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Bandit II Smart Tag








WG’s Bandit Tag was developed for everything from beauty, fragrances and electronic equipment to home appliances and will, in the future, provide protection levels not experienced before. 

IR 4 Alarm & 3 Alarm Ninja Plus Tag







WG’s wireless, cable-less Ninja Plus Tag provides multi-alarm capability for any boxed merchandise. The Ninja Tag is easy to use and comes with up to four alarm levels, revolutionizing box security.

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