Self Alarming Tags

Self-Alarming Tag Overview

Items such as sporting goods, high-end clothing, women's handbags, etc. are often targeted by shoplifters because of their high resale value. Our selection of Self-Alarming Tags provides multiple layers of protection in one compact package to protect these items. Each tag has multiple settings for added protection; the level of security is up to you.

Standard Self-Alarming Tags

The  standard shapes of our self-alarming tags are Pebble, Pencil and Cicada. These shapes are ideal for high-end clothing and other merchandise where a pin-and-tag are sufficient.


For items such as luggage and women's handbags where the pin-and-tag mechanism isn't possible, we provide Lanyard Tags. The lanyards range in length from 4 inches all the way to 80 inches for larger items.


Wave Tags are the world's only 4-alarm settings. These IR-based technology tags are tamper-proof and aesthetically pleasing, and are available in both 58kHz and 8.2 RF frequencies.



Self-Alarming Tags for Sporting Goods

For high demand sporting goods such as baseball bats, golf clubs, and fishing rods, WG has developed specific tags. Their value on secondary and black markets makes them ideal for shoplifting, so they require extra protection.


Media Tag

Everything from electronic equipment to home appliances can be safeguarded with the Media Tag. Watch our Media Tag video to learn more about this revolutionary product.


Ninja Tag

The wireless, cable-less Ninja tag provides multi-alarm security for any boxed merchandise. The Ninja Tag is easy to use and comes with up to four alarm levels, revolutionizing box security.


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