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  • EAS Hard Tag Recycle | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    ​ ​ Hard Tag Recycling Solution: Profitable, Effective, Sustainable. WG's hard tag recycle solution represents a new, refreshing way for retailers to sustain merchandise protection standards and reduce costs. It is a source tagging initiative that allows a retailer to enjoy the benefits of product protection without using capital to purchase tags or incurring the ongoing labor expense of in-store tagging. WG’s hard tag recycle solution also provides both eco-friendly benefits and enables retailers to strengthen their image as responsible corporate citizens. Benefits of Hard Tag Source Tagging​ are; • Tags are applied at the point of manufacture, • Merchandise arrives to the retailer floor-ready, • Labor costs associated with in-store tagging are eliminated. With hard tag recycle, retailers can not only save significant money on in-store tagging labor costs; but can do their part to help the environment by reusing quality hard tags rather than using disposable hard tags. Start re-thinking your tagging process with WG’s Hard Tag Recycle Solution. ​ ​ How it works: The Hard Tag Recycle method is as simple as it is effective ​ ​ The merchandise manufacturer does not purchase tags; but leases them from WG and applies the tag at the source. Tagged merchandise arrives at the retailer. After removal, the tags are sent back to WG for cleaning, sorting, testing, and inspection, before being sent back to the merchandise manufacture. Green Tag Information (pdf) Green Tag feature in LP Magazine Nov/Dec. 2010 (pdf) ​

  • RFID | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    RFID ​ ​ With the advent of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), WG has been working tirelessly to maximize the benefits of this innovative technology for the retail loss prevention field. In cooperation with business partners, WG has developed tools for proper utilization of RFID that have a retail asset protection application. Where RFID coils were once only used in labels, WG developed three-dimensional reading technology to enable coils embedded in hard tags, increasing pick rates on any compatible EAS system. WG’s revolutionary RFID readers detect signals better than any existing technology and with our state-of-the-art software monitoring, WG’s tags and labels can improve store logistics, inventory management, as well as asset protection applications. WG RFID readers feature special 3-D detection technology. This allows the reader to detect an RFID coil embedded in an EAS tag with greater accuracy than any other RFID antennas in the industry today. The reader emits a radio frequency that is cone-shaped, enabling a large area of coverage. There is no limit to the number of readers, but a single reader can cover a standard six foot glass double-door entrance. The RFID coil is assigned an identifier unique to each individual tag. Identifiers are associated with merchandise, e.g. blue polo shirt or size 10 tennis shoe, and a centralized computer stores the data. RFID readers can read multiple RFID equipped tags at once and record data such as inventory units on hand, quantity and types of merchandise sold; which can provide a perpetual inventory. Because these RFID coils are embedded into tags, they function in conjunction the EAS tag offering information with protection. WG can help any retailer develop an ideal RFID/EAS integration strategy. No two store environments are alike and many factors such as ceiling height, entry points, and employee areas can factor into how many readers are needed for complete logistical merchandise management and asset protection application. Contact WG for more information about this revolutionary technology.

  • Smart Mat | WG Web Site

    EAS Smart Floor Mat The EAS Smart Floor Mat is a transmit-only system that generates a 58KHz field. If an article with an attached alarming tag enters the field the tag will alarm. ​

  • New IR Technology | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    New IR Technology IR Smart Bandit II Tag Bandit IR Smart Tag.pdf IR Smart Tag Our new slide lever feature once engaged activates the IR Bandit II Smart Tag. When the tag has been deactivated the slide will automatically open allowing for an easy release. (One Handed Operation) The new full-size plunger with anti-slip backing covers a greater surface area, this eliminates false alarms. The Bandit II IR Smart Tag or any WG IR Smart Tag can only be deactivated with a WG IR detacher or a WG handheld remote control, as a security feature the remote remains activated for a pre determined period of time. Audible Visual Remote Alarm WG’s audible/visual remote alarm sounds once an attempt or an attack has been made to the smart tag. ​ This remote can detect an attack on a tag up to 40 ft away via WG's smart technology ​ Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge through WI-FI access. This allows the LP or AP departments to forensically investigate and track alarm activity with video by store, department and time of day. IR Smart Detachers WG Smart IR Multi Detacher.pdf WG Smart IR Multi Detacher.pdf WG Smart IR Multi Detacher.pdf The IR Smart Detacher plays a vital role in the IR Technology. Without this uniquely designed detacher the fourth alarm setting, which makes our IR smart tags the powerful protection tool they are, would be negated. The IR Smart Detacher is also a deactivator. Smart electronics surrounding the magnet emit a coded IR signal that disarms the smart tag upon detachment. Now the tag can be removed without self-alarming. Any attempt to use any other detacher or magnetic material to remove the IR Smart device will result in a self-alarming. The IR Smart Detacher can also detach any other hard tag. It is available in a desktop, a handheld multi-functional, or flush mounted version which can be installed into your cash wrap.

  • Seal Tag / B Tag | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    Seal Tag Wardrobing is the fraudulent act of purchasing a garment online or at retail stores with the intent of wearing it at a social function and then returning it for a full refund. According to a 2019 National Retail Federation report: “The annual hit on retailers’ bottom lines from return fraud is significant. According to Appriss, U.S. retailers’ annual losses from merchandise return fraud are estimated at $18.4 billion, and fraud and abuse combined are estimated at $24 billion.” ​ WG’s Seal Tag is the world's first comprehensive solution to the growing problem of wardrobing. This tag remains in high demand over several years by high-end retailers such as Bloomingdale’s and Unique Europe , including many online boutique retailers . Seal Tag is cost-effectively designed for large, medium and small retailers, instrumental in reducing return rates and the cost of writing off used merchandise. The one-piece disposable Seal Tag is easily attached, typically along with a clearly recognizable informational card. It informs the customer that if you return the merchandise with a broken tag, a refund will not be approved. If the customer decides to keep the item, he or she can easily remove the tag without any tool. Addition of the Seal Tag, along with your company's return policy, will significantly reduce fraudulent returns to your business. WG’s Seal tag dramatically reduces costs associated with managing returns, cost of merchandise cleaning, markdown of stocks, and repackaging. s and further information about how we can help Interested in learning more about wardrobing prevention with the Seal Tag? Fill out our contact form to receive free Seal Tag sample you eliminate wardrobing. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Seal Tag.pdf

  • How to Videos | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    How to Videos How to Videos Play Video Play Video 00:43 Booster Bag Tin Play Video Play Video 00:27 Ninja Removal with Alarm Play Video Play Video 00:40 Ninja Plus with Remote Alarm Play Video Play Video 02:29 Bandit II Presentation Play Video Play Video 01:12 3 Alarm Bandit II with Remote Alatm Play Video Play Video 01:55 Bandit II Video Remote Alarm DVR Recording and Cloud Service Play Video Play Video 00:50 How to apply & remove Bandit II with new base Alarm Play Video Play Video 00:54 Pebble tag with remote

  • Cameras DVR | WG Security Products, Inc | United States

    SMART VIDEO SOLUTIONS CCTV and video monitoring have become an integral part of every Loss Prevention program today. The days of simply pointing a camera at a cash register or other sensitive areas has been replaced by the advanced video analytics, playback and internet remote access. At WG, we have partnered with several video experts to provide our customers with the most advanced video monitoring and recording technologies at competitive prices. From Digital Video Recorders to high-tech cameras, lenses, and management software, WG is your resource for all your video technology requirements. Cameras WG has a wide array of cameras from which to choose. Whatever your business requirements are, we have the perfect video solution. Coming in all various formats (box, domed, etc.) and technologies (IP/network, etc.), our cameras can be integrated with any video management system and come with a variety of options. Box cameras Dome cameras IR cameras IP Cameras Covert cameras All weather Wide dynamic and HD Lens options Mega-pixel Wall and bullet cameras 360 degree view cameras PTZ Camera Options Converting analog to IP Mounting options including pole, wall, and J-Box Distances including line-of-site and point-to-point Power over Ethernet (PoE) AC or DC Recording Devices and Monitors WG provides recording devices capable of recording IP, analog and any combination of analog to IP cameras. Analog recording devices can feature from between four and up to 48 channels, with the most common units sporting 4ch, 8ch, and 16ch. IP devices have no assigned limit and are only dependent on storage space. Analog to IP systems carry a maximum of 48 channels and depends on number of licenses purchased. Some other features of our recording devices: Features There are many analog replacement technologies out there. Most require a completely new system. But what if you could keep your analog cameras and have the ability to upgrade to HD? The Hybrid series allows you mix and match any combination of Analog & HD-SDI cameras. All BNC inputs can auto-detect Analog or HD-SDI signals, and there is no limit to the number of HD channels. Keep some of your existing cameras and maximize your HD upgrade potential with the Hybrid Series. ​ Record video: 240 FPS at 4MP (1440p) or 480 FPS at 2MP (1080p) 4K HDMI, VGA and RCA (analog) main monitor outputs HD-SDI and RCA spot monitor outputs Up to 4K (UHD) 3840 x 2160 monitor output RTSP network video output, ONVIF S available on request 16 Audio Inputs / 1 Audio Output 16 Alarm Inputs / 4 Alarm Outputs Remotely adjust camera settings with UCC on all 16 channels One-touch Record button: Automatically saves most recently recorded video to pre-loaded CD/DVD-RW (recording times vary by disk size) Auto detects camera type: EX-SDI 4MP, EX-SDI 2.0, HD-SDI, and 960H Analog Automatically adjust resolution for each camera, each channel Back-up to CD/DVD-RW, eSATA, USB, or Windows PC via AVMS remote software Multiple HDD sizes/configurations available (Max. 40 TB internal storage) RAID configurable Rack Mountable UL Listed Storage Capacity ​ ​ Choose an option 2TB 4TB 6TB 8TB 10TB 20TB