Shell Tag Family

Shell Tag Family

Shell Tags

Shell Tags employ a dual technology design that offers the retailer one of the most secure tags in the industry. Its sleek rounded edge and sloping design makes the tag highly tamperproof and unauthorized removal nearly impossible. It combines your choice of 58 kHz or 8.2 MHz technology for maximum protection. It is available in standard without ink or with ink, containing three glass ink filled ampoules within the casing.

Micro Shell Tags

Our Micro Shell Tag was created as a result of customer demand. They wanted to capture all of the features of the full size Shell Tag, but with a smaller footprint for more delicate items. This ergonomically correct design makes Micro Shell one of the most effective, tamperproof tags in the industry.
The Micro Shell tag is also availble in a highly-popular ink version. The Micro Shell Tag w/Ink is designed to provide added anti-theft measures by incorporating benefit denial. Tampering with the tag will cause the ink reservoir to break, permanently staining the article. The tag is based on the ball clutch mechanism and is detached with a standard superlock magnetic detacher. Both versions are available in both 58 kHz and 8.2MHz.

Nano Shell Tag

Discretion is the name of the game for some retailers and the Nano Tag was designed to be the smallest possible shell-designed tag. Capturing all the tamperproof features of the other shell tags, the Nano Tag is compact and very subtle. For retailers who would rather not have an EAS tag distract the customer's eyes, this is the perfect solution. Available in 58 kHz and 8.2 MHz