The Teardrop is the "founding member" of the Protection with Class Collection. It brought a degree of sophistication to EAS previously un-witnessed upon its release in late 2011. Never before had a tag been designed not only to provide superior protection, but to look as if part of the garment itself.

Coming in three shades: burgundy, pearl, and midnight, the Teardrop is simply the most beautiful EAS hard tag in the industry today. Its patented oval and shelled construction makes unauthorized removal nearly impossible. The Teardrop is every bit as fierce as it is attractive. Perfect for lingerie, collectibles, high-end apparel, and petite garments.

The popularity and beauty of the Teardrop led to plenty of praise from our customers and the retail industry as a whole. However the same question kept coming up: "Can we secure things other than garments with it?" WG rolled up our sleeves for a solution to make the Teardrop applicable to other elegant items. The result became the Teardrop Lanyard.

Featuring the same look, it utilizes a lanyard to wrap around and secure items such as suitcases, designer jackets, jewelry,  and even electronics. The Teardrop Lanyard functions on the same 58 kHz AM technology as the original.

The lanyard portion of the tag is adjustable for varying lengths and there is a pivoting joint where the lanyard meets the tag for extreme adaptability.