Multi Alarm Tags

Multi Alarm Tags

Let's face it; some products are more valuable than others and hurt your bottom line more if stolen. Items such as sporting goods, high-end clothing, women's handbags, etc. are often targeted by organized shoplifting teams because of their high resale value. Our selection of Multi Alarm tags provides multiple layers of protection housed within one compact package to protect these very items. Each tag adds an extra setting for added protection. The level of security you desire is up to you.

Multi Alarm tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are available as lanyards, pencils, cicadas, pebbles and specific product tags, such as rod and reel, baseball bat, and golf club tags. Standard color is black, but it can be changed upon customer request.


2-Alarm Tags

These tags will self alarm when tampered with and will cause an EAS system to alarm.

3-Alarm Tags

These tags will self alarm when tampered with, will self alarm at an EAS system, and cause the EAS system to alarm

4-Alarm Wave Tags

4-Alarm technology is exclusive to WG. Known as the Wave Tags, no other company offers tags with 4 distinct alarm settings. Wave is simply the most secure hard tag in the entire industry, utilizing infrared (IR) technology. On top of the three alarm settings, Wave has an added layer of IR protection. Wave tags can ONLY be deactivated and detached with a specific Wave detacher which emits the unique IR signal allowing the tag to disarm and be removed.