Lock-it Tag

First it was the elegance of the Teardrop. Then we improved upon it with the adaptability of the Teardrop Lanyard. WG then raised the bar for aesthetics and security yet again with the release of the lock-it tag.

The lock-it is designed to resemble a fashionable accessory rather than an EAS tag.  It is composed of superior polycarbonate plastic material and a metal shackle to securely lock around high-end merchandise such as luggage, bags, jewelry and other items incapable of being secured with a traditional pin-supported tag.

The lock-it operates on the 58kHz AM frequency and contains a superlocking mechanism and ferrite technology for extra security and peace-of-mind.  Currently available in midnight and pearl colors, but also burgundy by request only.

Unlike its Protection with Class brethren, The lock-it's generous housing allows it to be adapted to support self-alarming technology for the retailer with extra security needs.