New IR Technology

IR Smart Bandit II Tag

Bandit II Smart Tag.jpeg

LPRC Research Bandit Tag Analysis.

IR Smart Tag Our new slide lever feature once engaged activates the IR Bandit II Smart Tag. When the tag has been deactivated the slide will automatically open allowing for an easy release. (One Handed Operation) The new full-size plunger with anti-slip backing covers a greater surface area, this eliminates false alarms. The Bandit II IR Smart Tag or any WG IR Smart Tag can only be deactivated with a WG IR detacher or a WG handheld remote control, as a security feature the remote remains activated for a

pre determined period of time. 

Once the tag has been attacked an audible visual remote alarm activates & turns your DVR on to start recording.

Remote Alarm For Smart Tags

WG’s audible/visual remote alarm sounds once an attempt or an attack has been made to the smart tag. 

This remote can detect an attack on a tag up to 40 ft away via WG's smart technology

Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge through WI-FI access. 


This allows the LP or AP departments to forensically investigate and track alarm activity with video by store, department and time of day.


IR Smart Detachers

IR Multi Detacher.jpg
counter sunk IR detacher and tag.jpg
wave ir detacher.jpg

The IR Smart Detacher plays a vital role in the IR Technology.


Without this uniquely designed detacher the fourth alarm setting, which makes our IR smart tags the powerful protection tool they are, would be negated.


The IR Smart Detacher is also a deactivator.

Smart electronics surrounding the magnet emit a coded IR signal that disarms the smart tag upon detachment. Now the tag can be removed without self-alarming.


Any attempt to use any other detacher or magnetic material to remove the IR Smart device will result in a self-alarming.


The IR Smart Detacher can also detach any other hard tag.


It is available in a desktop, a handheld multi-functional, or flush mounted version which can be installed into your cash wrap.