Hard Tags

AM Tag Technology: It's Simply Better


WG's pioneering development of ferrite circuits that are embedded into EAS tags revolutionized 58kHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM) technology. The Ferrite ensures a higher detection rate for our tags which has become an industry standard in virtually all 58 kHz tags today.


Our commitment to AM technology is demonstrated in the wide array of tags we offer to meet any product protection challenge. For the merchandise that requires protection, we have just the tag for it. Our tags use the well established ball clutch mechanism to secure pin to tag which makes an unauthorized removal of the tag extremely difficult.


Shell tags are the most popular tags developed by WG. The patented shell design makes for a virtually impenetrable EAS tag. Our specialty tags are specifically made to secure fashion merchandise which can have high shrink rates as well as all Sporting Goods equipment.


WG’s Protection with Class Collection adds flair to the typical EAS tag with an elegant look for the discerning retailer with high end merchandise concepts.









The “Teardrop" is the "founding member" of our Protection with Class Collection. It brings a degree of sophistication to merchandise protection previously unmatched in appeal and effectiveness. Never before, had a tag been designed not only to provide superior protection, but to blend in as if it were part of the garment itself. Available in three shades: burgundy, pearl, and midnight, the Teardrop is simply the most elegant hard tag in the industry today. Its patented oval and shelled construction makes unauthorized removal nearly impossible. The Teardrop is every bit as fierce as it is attractive. Perfect for lingerie, delicate fabrics, high end apparel and petite garments. 


Shell Tags








Shell Tags employ a dual technology design that offers the retailer one of the most secure tags in the industry. Its sleek rounded edge and sloping design makes the tag tamper proof with unauthorized removal nearly impossible. It offers your choice of 58 kHz or 8.2 MHz technology for maximum protection. It is available in standard without ink or with ink, containing three glass ink filled ampoules when benefit denial is part of your shortage reduction strategy.

Our Micro Shell Tag was created as a result of customer feedback. WG responded and captured all of the features of the full-size Shell Tag, but with a smaller footprint for more delicate merchandise. This ergonomically correct design makes Micro Shell one of the most effective, tamper-proof tags in the industry.

The Micro Shell Tag with Ink is designed to provide added anti-theft measures by incorporating benefit denial. Tampering with the tag will cause the ink reservoir to break, permanently staining the article. The tag incorporates a ball clutch mechanism that is detached with a standard super lock magnetic detacher. Both versions are available in 58 kHz and 8.2MHz.


WG’s Nano Shell Tag provides discretion when a company’s culture and visual standards require it. It is designed to be the smallest possible shell designed tag, capturing all of the tamperproof features of the other shell tags, the Nano Tag is compact and unmatched. For retailers who would rather not have an EAS tag detract from the customer's experience, this is the perfect solution. Available in 58 kHz and 8.2 MHz


SuperSensor Tags








The SuperSensor Tag is extremely lightweight with optimal detection. SuperSensors use a larger ferrite rod allowing it to achieve an extra two feet of detection range with any 58 kHz system. The SuperSensor is compatible with all Super Tag detachers. Available in black or gray. For smaller items, such as infant and toddler clothing, we provide the Mini SuperSensor, which combines all the benefits of the SuperSensor into a smaller tag. Extra detection, lightweight, larger ferrite, and compatibility with Super Tag detachers.



Pencil Tags






Versatile, Compact, Effective. These three words best describe WG’s Pencil Tags. Adaptable to nearly every style and type of garment, the Pencil Tag is simple to apply and remove. A super locking mechanism within the tag requires a strong magnetic detacher to remove, making conventional shoplifting methods difficult. Pencil Tags come in three sizes to suit your merchandise: Micro, Mid, and Super. A selection of three colors (black, white, and gray) increases the Pencil Tag's versatility. Available in 58 kHz AM technology.



Lock-it Tag








WG has raised the bar on aesthetics and security yet again with the release of the Lock-it Tag. The Lock-it tag is designed to resemble a fashionable accessory rather than an EAS tag. It is composed of superior polycarbonate plastic and a metal shackle to securely lock around high-end merchandise such as luggage, handbags, jewelry and other items incapable of being secured with a traditional pin-supported tag. The Lock-it operates on the 58kHz AM frequency and contains a super locking mechanism and ferrite technology for extra security and effectiveness. Currently available in midnight and pearl colors, but also burgundy by request. Unlike its Protection with Class equals, The Lock-it' tag’s generous housing allows it to be adapted to support self-alarming technology for the retailer with extra security needs.



Secure your designer glasses and sunglasses with our simple, non-restrictive and non-obstructive optical tag. This eyewear tag offers maximum protection  without impacting the shopper experience. The tag is placed on the side arm of eyewear with the tag body on the outside, allowing customers to try on glasses without interference. Available in both AM and RF technology.

Stop locks are designed to protect your displayed products on hooks. The “STOP LOCK” tag makes your merchandise more secure, compatible with single hook, double hook and hook with price tag. Diameter of hook is from 4.5mm – 5.9mm. The security peg hook lock is unlocked by the magnetic removal tool (not included).

These mini size anti-theft pull box suitable for article displays such as ornaments, watches, aroma testers, public signature pen, various small articles or public articles etc. The pull box's can be fixed on the wall, table or any other place with adhesive tape. Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside. There is a stable & invariable retraction force for cable.


The WG Croc Tag features an integrated pin that reduces the application process from two steps to one, reduces time and labor required to apply and remove tags when compared to traditional two-piece tags One-piece design helps eliminate the need to sort and store pins separately and speeds up the front-end check-out process with easy tag removal at the point-of-sale available in RF - AM or a combo with RFID