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Bandit Smart Tag Spec Sheet

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LPRC Research Report Elevating Box Protection.

Interview and trial results of Bandit IR Smart Tag


LPRC Research Bandit Tag analysis.



The WG Bandit Tag with slide lever feature, when engaged activates the IR smart tag. When the tag has been deactivated by a WG IR detacher the slide lever will automatically unlock, allowing for an easy release. 

(One Handed Operation)


The Bandit IR smart tag can only be deactivated with the patented WG IR detacher or a WG handheld remote control. The remote control has a security feature that allows the remote to remain active for a pre-determined period of time. Bandit full-size plunger with anti slip backing pads cover a greater surface area holding  the tag firmly in place.


Our Wi-Fi visual and audible alarm activates when the Bandit Tag alarms. Our Cloud based data storage is available at no additional charge via Wi-Fi access. This allows the LP or AP departments to conduct forensic investigations and track alarms with video by store location, department and time of day. The Bandit is available in 58kHz and 8.2 kHz and RFID frequencies.


Technology:  A.M, R.F,  RFID

Detachers:   Smart IR Detacher 

Detachers: for 3 Alarm versions Standard-lock or Super-lock Detachers

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