Wave Technology

Wave is our exclusive patented series of 4-Alarm hard tags and detachers. Other companies offer multi alarm tags, but WG is the only company in the industry to break the glass ceiling of three alarms and venture into 4-alarm territory. By using infrared (IR) technology, we have successfully added an undefeatable layer of security to these tags. The Wave family of tags are not limited to clothing. Coming in all shapes and sizes and designs, Wave tags can also be applied to accessories, outerwear, hardware, sporting goods. Essentially any retail product can be secured with Wave.

Composed of durable plastic, the outer shell of each tag houses complex ferrite and circuitry. Wave is without a doubt the most advanced smart hard tag in the entire EAS world. Wave tags function with any 58kHz AM EAS systems, and upon customer request, can be developed to work with RF systems.

Wave tags have four distinct alarm settings to guard against even the most advanced shoplifters.

Wave 4-Alarm Tags

The Wave family of tags begins with three standard tag and pin designs: pebble, pencil, and cicada; differing......

Wave Detachers

The Wave IR Detacher is probably the most important part of the Wave Family. Without this uniquely designed...

Wave Cartoon (Video)