EAS Systems

WG's selection of EAS systems offers everything a retailer would want. Any size store, any size entrance and exit, any type of product...whatever your goals are with EAS, we have the answer. Pedestals with a flair of elegance? Check. Customizable pedestals so you can advertise products, sales, or even sell the space to generate revenue? Check. Pedestals mounted on the door jambs of your store entrance and not the floor? Check. We even carry invisible systems to help you promote a customer-friendly shopping experience.

Our systems are infused with the latest technology, to assure both flawless tag pick rates and limit false alarming. Most of our pedestals use a Smart Power Supply, which allows for volume control of the system, relay switching to assist in tag pollution issues, and is low voltage for safety and environmental reasons. Accessories such as external alarms help retailers further adjust volume settings.