Sentinel Technology

Pedestal technology has dominated the EAS world for so long, we started thinking, "why can't we eliminate pedestals and antennas altogether?"

The answer is Sentinel, a robust security and tracking system that secures all your high-risk items without the use of pedestals. Sentinel is designed to contain all tagged merchandise within a specified area without the use of cables or lock-ups. Using sophisticated tags that communicate with overhead-mounted readers, tagged products can move freely within the Sentinel readers' detection range. The Sentinel will alarm only if the tags are tampered with or illicitely removed, or if the tags exit their area.

Sentinelworks as a discreet standalone system, or can work in conjunction with your current EAS system as an added protective measure. The Sentinel comes with software which displays movement of each tag. This allows for stockroom, dressing room, and other sensitive area monitoring.

Sentinel can prevent any type of good from leaving an area. Even hospitals and correctional facilities can be secured with Sentinel to track the movement of medicine, medical equipment, prisoners, patients...the possibilities are endless!

Sentinel Components

The main component of the Sentinel system are the Sentinel Readers, called RADs (Radiate And Detect). All RADs communicate wirelessly, making installation extremely simple. The RADs are placed throughout the store's ceiling to create a large secured perimeter zone to ensure free product movement within the store. There are three types of RADs, which each perform a vital function for the system to work:









Field RAD

These RADs radiate specific areas, emitting a signal from the ceiling in a 120 degree cone, which expands as it approaches the sales floor. A minimal amount of Field RADs can secure entire floors of products, or secure delicate or high-risk items within only a certain area of your store. This signal creates protection zones and searches for unauthorized tag presence. There is constant communication between tag and RAD. The system remains quiet as long as there is no disruption. Once signal disruption occurs, either by unauthorized detachment of the tag, tampering with the tag, or the tag leaving the area, the system will alarm.


At the point-of-sale, these RADs function as a deactivator and detacher; arming and disarming the Sentinel tags, allowing for authorized removal of the tag without causing alarms. Tags are armed by this device and then ready to be applied to merchandise on the sales floor. When the merchandise is purchased, it disarms the tag and allows for removal.


The EAS RAD is installed at the exit of the store. This particular RAD is the alarming RAD, notifying store personnel when a tag is leaving the area. It also triggers the tag itself to self-alarm when it passes by the EAS RAD detection zone, ensuring complete security.


The Sentinel Tags are sophisticated devices which perform multiple functions. Each tag is engineered to "listen" to signals emitted from the RADs. Constant communication between tag and RAD ensures the alarm remains silent. The tag is designed to self-alarm at any point of signal disruption, be it tampering, not being disarmed prior to removal from the merchandise, or removal from the protected zone. When tags enter into an alarm state, they will also notify the EAS RAD to audibly alarm. Since the tag is in constant communication, if it is removed accidentally from the protected zone, once it is brought back into the zone, alarming will cease since the signal is regained. Sentinel Tags come in lanyard form, but any size or shape tag can be made into a Sentinel Tag, depending on your store's needs.

Watch Sentinel in action! (Video)