Protection With Class Collection

The Protection with Class Collection is our exclusive line of elegantly crafted EAS hard tags, engineered for both high quality performance and eye-catching aesthetics. Superior craftsmanship allows the tag to function on par with our other terrific 58 kHz AM tags. This collection of tags are the perfect, fashionable tag for your refined garments, such as intimate wear, elegant clothing and the like.

Composed of superior plastic material and utilizing a superlocking mechanism, these tags are the answer for retailers who realize the need for EAS, but are hesitant to use tags because of their clashing appearance against their fine merchandise. The Protection with Class Collection uses multiple colors to match any merchandise you have.

The Protection with Class Collection is the EAS tagging solution that not only protects, but compliments your items. It will almost be a shame to remove it.


The Teardrop is the "founding member" of the Protection with Class Collection. It brought a degree of...

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