"Noise" and your EAS System

"Noise" and your EAS System

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"Noise" and your EAS System

This Technical Bulletin is meant for personnel involved with EAS installation and service. In an effort to provide our customers with better service, we have put together a comprehensive list of ballasts that are compatible with our 58 Khz EAS Systems. The list is based on manufacturer data, as well as, some comparable testing completed by WG. Please see attached list below.

WG would also like to draw installation personnel's attention to factors that can interfere with WG's 58 Khz EAS System. Noise is the enemy of the EAS system, it is emitted from almost every electronic device in the store. Interference occurs when undesired radio signals or low electromagnetic “noise” sources are picked up by the EAS systems; most often nearby. The most common source which we refer to as “AM pollution” or “phasing” refers to high noise and/or interference from other nearby EAS systems. Listed below are some common "noise" culprits:



Automatic doors

The register

Certain light bulbs

Credit card machine Elevator,

Neon lights

Phone systems

Central AC units

Stanley motors

Variable Frequency Drivers AC/DC Power supply

Elimination of noise is vital to a successful installation. Once the source of the noise has been identified, it is easily rectified by simple rearrangement. Full inventory of the store's electrical features prior to install, will ensure a smooth installation or refurbishment.

Please feel free to contact WG with any concerns or questions during your install. We will gladly offer suggestions for EAS friendly electronic products.

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