Our exclusive DigiTool software communicates with all our EAS detection platforms. This robust software allows our technicians to adjust many parameters on an EAS pedestal, resulting in the highest quality performance of our equipment. DigiTool connects typically from a laptop to the AM board on the pedestal via a USB connection.


Among the functions that DigiTool allows you to monitor and change are:

  • Gain
  • Sync
  • Noise Conditions
  • Receiving Window Delay
  • Minimum Signal Adjustments

DigiTool Remote Tuning App

The latest advancement in pedestal software is the DigiTool Remote Tuning App. This version of DigiTool allows technicians to remotely perform all DigiTool functions from anywhere in the country using a wireless internet connection. The DigiTool Remote Tuning App works on any laptop and even tablet platforms, including iPad and Android operating systems. This revolutionary technology is available on a subscription basis from WG.

Watch DigiTool live! (Video)