Ninja Tag

The Ninja Tag

Taking Box EAS Security to the Next Level

Evolution - Simplicity - Total Protection

No Cables, No Payroll, Faster Checkouts

WG Security Products is proud to present the Ninja Tag. The Ninja Tag is specifically designed to advanced security of your boxed merchandise and complete ease of use for your employees.

The Ninja provides complete security with the convenience of quicker application and removal than any current EAS box tag.


  • Designed to work with adhesive plastic base to bond to any box surface
  • Plunger on the bottom detects when tag is resting against a surface
  • Easily armed with a flip of a switch
  • Tag will alarm when tampered with or illicitly removed without a magnetic detacher
  • Tag will alarm when entering an EAS detection field
  • Tag causes any 58 KHz EAS system to alarm
  • An optional fourth security level featuring IR technology prohibits disarming and detachment without a patented WG IR detacher.
  • Tag easily inserts into plastic base
  • Attaching and arming the tag takes under 3 seconds, a vast improvement over other EAS box tags that require the use of cables
  • Since cables are not used, the Ninja allows retailers to stack boxes in an aesthetically pleasing and secure manner
  • At point of sale, detachment of the Ninja is achieved in less than two seconds